Gjelina Take Away, Venice

My recent obsession has been Gjelina Take Away, the recently opened appendage to the ever venice hipster location, Gjelina. They make the best cortado and kale salad, my recent daily diet. I especially heart what Marshall Agriam has done with the space.


I am really loving the balanced mixture of elements; elegant calacatta marble with rustic wood, metal and white subway tiles with black grout. Masculine + industrial + sophisticated.




No drywall, just raw stud walls. Totally perfect.


I especially am intrigued by the combination of the suspended pans with the shiny sexy marble. This ledge floating out from the studs is just briiiilliant.



(image 1 via, photo by elizabeth daniels, rest of the photos via)


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  • Marianne

    Hi! Thank you for visiting Inbox! Loved your blog! =)



  • I love it! I love how it feels fully put together all the while having a not yet complete kind of feel. It’s wonderful!

  • lorraine pennington

    thank you, did not realize that they opened take out , thats great

  • Michelle J Oliver

    Wow, very cool; I’m just going to have to pop down and check this place out this week! 

  • Design Traveller

    All this metal, tiles and wood… I love it. Amazing interior design!