New Year

I hope everyone had a great New Years! Let us start off with a breath of fresh air.


A home in Marrakesh designed by Esther Gutmer with Architect Helena Marczweski.





Shades of purple…love the concept.




I could hang out here all day. Gorgeous glass doors and windows.




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  • that is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • that is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • so simple so clean = love.
    xx, k

  • so simple so clean = love.
    xx, k

  • Love the cacti! So pretty!

  • Helen@thestyleschedule

    Wow, what a beauty.  Love, love the bathroom with those display shelves and that internal courtyard with the plunge pool… to die for!  Just gorgeous…

  • VVN

    soooo refreshing indeed! the glass door and window room is a def favorite!

  • Loving the mix of materials – that woven chair is fantastic! Now just saw your blog post on modfire – heading over to that. Happy New year – looking forward to reading loads of your blog posts in 2012!

  • cabbagerose

    truly a breath of fresh air.  love the courtyard.  thanks for the creative lift! xx

  • Love the framed catci in the second picture. It’s also looks like a photography and then you realize it’s the real deal…even better!!!

  • Love it ! :)

    Like when can I move in lol

  • ka po

    that’s amazing