On the Market

So guys, this Steven Harris Architects home is on the market in Montauk…Should we all pitch in and have a blogger hideaway?



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  • Mydayinasentence.blogspot.com

    Oh my, we sure should.  :)

  • Gorgeous. I call dibs on the upstairs room!

  • cabbagerose

    stephen harris?  yay…for sure!

  • You have a faboulus blog! I think I´ll stay here for a while…. Have a nice day! Love //Pella

  • Design Traveller

    Bloggers retreat? Why not 😉

  • Anonymous

    Simply stunning!  I’m in!  “I got $5 on it…”  

  • Leximontee

    brilliant. yes please!! how many meta (a)musers can we gather? 

  • yay! i think we all might need to put in a bit more than $5 😉 haha!