Welcome Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year, and whilst I live in LA (no real seasons), I revel in the images of changing leaves, falling leaves, and red barns.







Shelton, Mindel & Associates


P.S. How is September already over?








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  • As much as I love Summer, nothing beats the beautiful colours of Autumn- great images.  And yes, where DID September go??

  • Mary Jo at Trustyourstyle

    gorgeous images–i love that dining table and the way it’s styled, i’ve been struggling to find the right things to put on mine. and it’s so nuts that we’re already heading into october, right?

    xo mary jo

  • MandingSays

    wow. these images are exactly why fall is my favorite as well–the natural light, the foliage. it’s just so perfect. how can something (trees) be so beautiful when they’re dying? so ironic. so beautiful. 
    ps, http://amandamantes.blogspot.com !

  • I adore fall, too!
    Gorgeous post!


  • Hi Chantal, I must say your blog is a beautiful breath of fresh air – so different from most of what I see these days. Thanks so much for stopping by! Georgianna


     Wow, beautiful images for the new season!!