White Brick

Exposed brick can be industrial, authentic and lofty, yet sometimes a bath in white can make it ethereal, expanse and pristine.








Thad Hayes loft.


Do you like the authenticity of the exposed brick or the brick dressed in white?


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  • cabbagerose

    you always delight…thanks for the inspiration. xx

  • that first picture made my heart pitter patter (the others are quite amazing as well)

  • lorraine

    i just painted my brick fireplace, it has a clean modern effect…your pictures are great , love the first one

  • Design Traveller

    White brick adds freshness to any loft interior 🙂

  • Design Elements Blog

    great selection, Chantal! I’m a brick lover. My all time fav movie scene is from “Undescent Proposal”…Louis Kahn said: “Even a brick wants too be something.” I have seen it hundreds of times. Wonderful pictures! Happy weekend to you


  • Ella [moleskine.]

    Lovely post! I found this calcite brick sample at work that’s almost like a pale limestone. I’ve been obsessed with trying and sneak it into one of my projects ever since…

  • Natasha S

    I really enjoy exposed brick…a friend of mine has it in their house. I think some drywall or something was removed to reveal the old brick. Looks fantastic.