I have fallen in love with Kendra Elstad’s work. She is a local artist in LA and has the most whimsical watercolor paintings that would fit in any modern interior and traditional interior. Her pieces have a sense of movement yet feel peaceful.


Untitled (Blue #1)


Untitled (Blue #3)


Untitled, 2007


Untitled (Blue #2)


Untitled, 2007


Study, 2007


Have you fallen in love with her work yet? Here is a little snippet from her latest art show:

“Kendra is a process painter who investigates issues of temporality, fragility and mutability through her abstract, anthropomorphic imagery. The artist and the medium dynamically dialogue in the process of painting colors suspended in water. Her soft, refreshing washes of color interact with the negative space of the paper, revealing a mutable presence in the work. After the pigment settles, what is left from the activity is the trace of what took place, the distinctive marks made during that process. These residual marks, evidence of a gesture in time…”


It sounds like a poem!  You can check out her website here and her blog here.

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  • The blue ones are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing her works, she is new to me, but now has definitely caught my eye and interest. 

  • Oh my goodness… I feel relaxed just looking at these! xo

  • Mary Jo at Trustyourstyle

    Gorgeous, I love these kinds of ocean-y feel paintings@e6ae86488eb652a6f5906b8223129012:disqus 
     Have a great weekend Chantal :)xo mary jo

  • i think you hit the nail on the head.  whimsical.

  • Helen@thestyleschedule

    lovely.. the third one and the last one… I could find a place for them both.

  • Jengurney

    Yes, I have fallen in love with her work!  Beautiful, peaceful.

  • What gorgeous artwork…so delicate! in Christmas sweater!
    I am so glad to have just stumbled across your lovely blog. I am your newest follower! I look forward to popping back for some more creative inspiration!

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