Joseph Dirand Encore

I drool over this interior by Joseph Dirand via cabbagerose blog. I couldn’t resist re-posting!


Jean Prouvé coffee table. I would sell my pinky to live in a building like this!


Christopher Wool art.


The “Ours Polaire” sofa and chairs designed by Jean Royère.







Joseph Dirand



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  • Black and white is usually not my cup of tea but this is a great space, especially the bathroom – gorgeous! I love the wall art, i just don’t know whether i would be game enough to hang it at my place!

    Happy Sunday to you, Stephie x

  • Design Elements

    one word: great! happy Sunday, Chantal!

  • well, joseph dirand is so cool he doesn’t even have an ‘about’ page.  clearly, if you don’t know who he is, you might as well just hang it up!  crazy for his work…