More TsAO

I have been so inspired by TsAO McKOWN’s work today that I cannot resist sharing a few more images. Enjoy!


This white lacquer kitchen looks minimal and simply blends into the wall…LOVE!


I have a thing for thin contemporary boxed window cushions! They add a continuity to the large space and a softness.


Classic yet modern.


One of my fav sofa’s, the groundpiece by Flexform







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  • shbewkes

    I love their work too. Years ago when we lived downtown in NYC, my son’s pediatrician was Dr. Mary Ann Tsao, Calvin’s sister. Her chic office and brownstone above it were designed by the firm. I knew it was something special, inquired, and that’s when I learned about the firm – that was over 20 years ago and they’ve been doing stellar work every since.

  • Looks nice, clean and modern.


    I love the second design. Not like. Love.

  • Design Traveller

    Wonderful interiors, so serene…
    I like the modern/minimal/classic look and all the natural materials :)
    Window cushions are great, agreed!

  • Design Elements Blog

    Chantal, I’m in love with almost every image you post. biggest hugs


  • Maryam afshari

    Great blog!  Thanks for visiting my blog!  I love all your pics!

    xo, Maryam

  • Nice pics you have shared with us.I would like to read your more updates.Keep them coming.

  • Great pics.These are looking neat & clean.I like these.Definitely given me something to think about.