On Display

This is an incredible piece of architecture. It’s like a piece of art, almost too beautiful/minimal to live in. Located in Montecito CA, it is a stunning ode to Mies Van der Rohe.


Floating platform steps up to the entrance. Amazing book-matched marble!!


Lots of glass and what a bathroom!




I LOVE this shot!


Paul Tuttle Arco Lounge Chairs





Steve Hermann Design | Suzanne Perkins Real Estate


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  • It is very Mies- right down to the marble walls of the Barcelona Pavillion. Beautiful.

  • cabbagerose

    Love.  I want to relax in the bathtub and then sit comfortably on the fab sofa.  Whoop!

  • Mary Jo at Trustyourstyle

    Wow I would love to see this house in person! And the bathtub, I can only image how fabulous to relax and look at all the trees!

    xo mary jo

  • stunning! as you said… it’s like a piece of art.

  • Love Mies!
    What an exquisite house!


  • It’s beautiful, but looks slippery 😉  I’d live there, no problem.

  • Anonymous

    This is what I imagine Heaven to look like. Putting in my request now God. 

  • So fresh and open and just beautiful…it sort of just hugs its surroundings! :)

  • mies van der rohe = genius. this architectural gem is UNreal ~ i can’t really get over it. . . {all of the glass walls, wow!!! so much for privacy but because i don’t see any neighbors, it’s just perfection.
    xx ~ ks

  • Wow, I´ve never seen anything like it – cool! :-)

  • so open, it is incredible indeed! wow! gives me a little bit of a 70’s vibe and that is perfect! i am not sure if i would feel comfortable taking a bath! do you know the brand of the sofa? B&B perhaps? or is it vintage 

  • House of Tulips

    WOW. I am in love with the windows/walls in the living room.
    Just to sit there and enjoy the surrounding nature.

    Gorgeous choice!

    Priscilla Joy

  • this really is an amazing piece of art.