C. Liaigre

Christian Liaigre is my Lady Gaga and I am so bummed because I missed the president of Christian Liaigre, Christophe Caillaud, speak today because of work. So bummed. If you went, please let me know every word that was spoken! Sooooo to make up for it, let’s go to Le Sereno, a hotel designed by Christian Liaigre in St. Barths.










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  • sad u missed it too!  when we meet, i’ll tell you all about it! Christophe Caillaud is a brilliant speaker, well spoken, passionate, charming. It was a joy to hear him talk about the history, and the choices they have made along the way….

  • Anonymous

    I especially love the first image–the textures, colors in the water and perspective–love!  hope you have a great weekend! 

  • Have you booked the flights yet?! Happy weekend, Stephie x

  • I wouldn’t mind a weekend getaway to this location at all.

  • cabbagerose

    done…off we go. xx


    Yeah, it is so Liaigre’s style. Modern and warm….