A treat

In true Thad Hayes style, elegant yet full of comfort.


Beautiful entry. Love these thin long pavers.


These chairs look so comfortable!


Ethereal sheers and monochromatic color palate paired with light and medium woods. Apparently, Thad Hayes got his color inspiration from sycamore bark…love it.



Mahogany deck.


Poppa bear chair by Hans J. Wegner. Cedar paneling.


(source: via)

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  • Beautiful! Love the painting in the last picture :)

  • Natasha S

    Gosh. I really enjoy so much about this home! I love the combination of intimate and spacious rooms. That long kitchen looks like a great nook. And those windows are great! 

  • Sigh! So beautiful. I really wish my lawn looked like that!

    Stephie x

  • Ali

    I love how the exterior flows inside and vice versa.  Awesome.

  • so light and airy and i love that deck ~ this is my kind of dwellings!!
    xo ~ kristina

  • Primina2

    any ideas about where the bed frames are from?

    • Hi Primina,

      I am pretty sure that all the frames are custom. Hope you are enjoying my blog!

      All the best,

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