An Artful Parisian Flat

I love this flat owned by Parisian gallery director Didier Krzentowski featured in Dwell, June 2004. There are unique vintage artful finds in every nook and cranny.

krzentowski dining room portrait

krzentowski paulin pierre sofa living room portait

Purple Pierre Paulin 261 sofa with an installation by artist Alan McCollum

krzentowski seymour jerszy vases

Murano glass vases by Jerszy Seymour.

krzentowski office portrait

Marc Newson Orgone stretch lounge.

krzentowski sarfatti gino chandelier dining room

This Gino Sarfatti 2109/16 ceiling lamp is A-mazing!

krzentowski newson marc embryo chair

Marc Newson Embryo chair dates from 1988. I love it paired with this blue rug.

krzentowski living room table bonetti mattia

This bright pink Smarties table by Mattia Bonetti is so fun and unexpected.

krzentowski living room

Wow, vintage everywhere! I am not sure if Ron Arad’s Rolling Volume chair (in black) would be comfortable to sit in, but it does look cool!

Photos by Philippe Munda, Dwell June 2004

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