I am in love with Douglas Friedman‘s work. Truly inspirational.


The bed styling is simply elegant. Douglas fir floors.


Gorgeous pop of navy amid the beachy wood tones. Notice the tv inset and flush with the wall…nice touch!


The wooden “eggs” add a dark contrast touch and sense of movement.


Buddha in the kitchen.


I love the simplicity of this fireplace.


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    I like it how the modern and the natural are combined here. Good stuff! :)

  • like a breath of fresh air! So lovely.

  • Maryam afshari

    I LOVE this!!  It feels so fresh and clean and relaxing!!  Thanks for sharing!  xoxo, Maryam

  • cabbagerose

    you are speaking my language…buddha, spa house, oh yes, love it all!

  • Design Traveller

    clean, elegant and cosy –  perfect interiors :)

  • Noa Kedar

    this is fab.