Concealed faucet

Now this is interesting!


Vincent van Duysen. I love how the cabinet is wrapped around the sink.


Joseph Dirand. The integrated sink looks as if it was carved out of this block of marble. Minimalism at its best.




Claudio Silvestrin‘s penthouse kitchen in London. The dishes have their own special ledge…perfect.


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  • cabbagerose

    so sexy!  have a great weekend, chantal. xx


    The last one is just beautiful! :)

  • Natasha S

    I love that marble sing!

  • Lily

    Thanks for stopping by my blog !! These sinks are amazing…love the one !

  • Design Elements

    truly inspirational to visit you, Chantal! Happy weekend! Smile loads and spend it where it counts. big hugs


  • Anonymous

    Love the idea of a a sunken sink! And always a pleasure to visit your blog.  I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  xx kat

  • One of the best blogs I’ve read.  Good work.