Good morning

Let’s start the week off cozy and chic.



Gorgeous kitchen with lots of interesting details…the blue checkerboard floor, the warm natural wood, the fabulous vintage looking chairs, rustic beams, plastered walls in a soft creamy white. Just beautiful…I am ready to wander into the next room.

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  • The wood details are so soft and that floor is gorgeous

  • The beams and chairs look perfect.

  • The beams and chairs look perfect.

  • What a fabulous kitchen!  It’s so unique.  Love the wood beams and the blue checkered floor.

  • Oh wow. Love all of the light colored wood.

  • Nice rustic beams – not too rustic. And those leather strapped chairs :)

  • The blue checkered floor is what makes this kitchen. Beautiful!

  • Nice metal + rustic wood.