Have you ever wondered how Ellen + Portia de Rossi live? I have! Do you like it?  It’s an interesting mix of some contemporary lines, vintage, rustic and traditional.





I think I might hang out here for the rest of the day!


Interiors by Kathleen Clements Design

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  • MandingSays

    yes! and i love it. what a beautiful home they’ve made for themselves. 
    ps, http://amandamantes.blogspot.com !

  • their home is so lovely!

  • i saw this feature in AD ~ it’s so lovely ~ they both have excellent taste!!
    xx ~ ks

  • I’m obsessed with that living room! So elegantly cozy.

  • Mary Jo at Trustyourstyle

    I poured over that spread when it first came out. I am so in love with the worn antique carpets, the gray floor, the easy elegance! 

  • Natasha S

    I just caught up on a bunch of your posts (I’ve been away from bloglovin for a while…spending time with the fam and such). What a visual treat i’ve had. Thanks as always for your beautiful curation! 

  • very cozy and warm–love it and love them!!

  • Soooo nice. Can I hang out too?!!!! Happy Wednesday, Stephie x

  • I adore the windows on the second photo… what a brave and beautiful way to have them configured. 
    Have a great day!! 

  • Lisa Hjalt

    I definitely wouldn’t mind hanging out there for a day 😉

  • Anonymous

    So beautiful and it feels like a home. Lucky girls arent they?!

  • cabbagerose

    Love the dining room.  Have a good day, Chantal. xx