Losa Loft

I posted about Aidlin Darling Design a while back (here) and just recently revisited their work. Their interiors have a very subtle warm serene quality to them.


Modern day shoji screen? And very interesting forms in the furniture. I especially like the white they use on the walls, it is clean yet also inviting and warm.



You can never go wrong with a giant wall of book shelves.




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  • cabbagerose

    i love losa loft in sf! how about the book case!  a stunner.  always so much inspiration at metamusings…love your blog. xx

  • I love the (rice paper) screens. Would love to have them in my home like that. I have one but it’s a small 3 paneled screen.

  • Design Traveller

    Sublime… what can i say?
    I always fall for Japanese inspiration :)

  • 270857774

    很棒的风格 中国人民发来慰问