Scottsdale Project

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. A few weeks ago I mentioned I was in Scottsdale, AZ for the day. Well…I was shooting my recently completed project and am so excited to share the photos with you! Please enjoy!

















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  • Kat VanCleave

    Wow! This space feels so vibrant and light! I especially love the combination of the art and the lighting in the dining room.  Amazing as usual, and may I say the photos are sensational!

    p.p.s It was great meeting you as well! I was very pleased to find out that Anna had not been abducted :) And after knowing Anna and getting to know you more through your blog, I can see why the time easily slipped away with you!

    Have a great week! xx

  • Katherine Sauls

    seriously!  really?  outstanding!  i agree with kat; vibrant and light…love your choices.  thanks for sharing. xx

  • Alissa

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Do you mind if I share on my blog?

  • Alexandra Piemonte

    I absolutely love your new project!! Thank you for posting these pictures on your blog.
    I love the color scheme that you used. The camel leather chairs in the living room are gorgeous and so unique. The womb chair is one of my favorites and looks stunning in your chosen fabric. And the bedroom is absolute perfection!! 
    Congratulations on a job well done!! I really admire your style and always look forward to your daily posts. I can’t wait to see what you’ll post tomorrow. Thanks again Chantal!

  • Ashlbhi

    You are seriously incredibly my dear! I’m so impressed! It looks AMAZING! 

  • Love love love it! The space looks so fresh and inviting and those colours really pop against the neutral background!

  • Lovely! I really like how the art work in the dining area plays off of the lighting fixture.
    And the Womb chair being my favourite ever, I love that last image as well.

  • oh wow! These are amazing!

  • Chantal, this is so incredibly awesome! I’ve been waiting for your photos and knew it would look great…but this is even better and ready for magazine spread! Now lets hope somebody is paying attention here! It will appear on my blog and I’m not even asking for permission….it’s fabulous and the more people see it, the merrier. Done and done and big hugs to you!! xx

  • Beautiful! All the colors compliment each other so perfectly.