Hello Monday

I’m really in love with this space. It feels very clean and open with expert detailing. I would imagine this home is in Belgium, you?


tvdv 2

love how the door reaches all the way to the ceiling, not the mention how lovely the light drapes over the hallway.


tvdv 3

i also like how the ceiling is not punctuated with recessed cans everywhere…there is this one simple recessed fixture. the drapes reach the ceiling, adding height to the space.


tvdv 4

again, this door detail is so minimal.


tvdv 5

these drapes are so romantic in how they puddle to the floor, such a nice juxtaposition to the quiet feeling of the space.


tvdv 6

okay, this vanity is gorgeous…but where do you put the hairdryer??


tvdv 7

hans wegner chairs.




tvdv 9

wood children’s toys are my favorite!


I am in love

Rees Roberts + Partners are absolute perfection. I love everything they do. I am obsessed.


The texture on the fireplace is out of this world. The color palate is soothing and simple, creamy white walls, bleached wood, soft blues, sandy linens. David Weeks chandelier.



B&B italia chairs. Taraxacum light fixture. Smooth fabric walls….so sooooooft.




I could die in this kitchen. The view…the materials, the cabinetry!


David Weeks light fixture. It’s all so simple but so elegant.


Another David Weeks light fixture and sconces. B&B italia bed…one of my favorites, but you need a ceiling like this! A never ending looooooong clean thin window seat.



This sculptural light fixture is called the 21.50. It is stunning!


via and via


I like this, very moody with the dark cabinetry but lovely as well. The green tree makes it.


Oscar Properties

Oscar Properties is creating some stunning interiors in Stockholm. They feel contemporary yet very warm and homey.


Really like this mix of materials and this eclectic rug.


I am definitely digging painted grey cabinets lately! Not so crazy about the mix of chairs.


Wegner chairs!



Cool Door

Definitely an indoor-outdoor space. Love the lines that the door creates.


If in Sweden…

We should live here. A gorgeous mix of detailing and modern furniture and aesthetics.



I love this kitchen. The color of the cabinets, the textures and materials….so meeeee!







Just right how the draperies reach the ceiling.


via + via


Lombard & Jack

From Melbourne, a really cool kitchen.



Lombard & Jack

Hecker Guthrie

Love this light fixture!




Portland Road

A gorgeous home in Holland Park, London by Seth Stein Architects.



This is a kitchen! Love!



Athena Calderone

A very pensive and calm space by Athena Calderone.



Loving this mix of colors and materials…very moody. Bassam Fellows stools.



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